Shawn develops a rapport with her clients that enables her to guide them through difficult conversations and make the radical mind shifts necessary for breakthrough change that brings measurable results. 

As the new business landscape continues to emerge, and the new forms of organization take shape, our ability to lead will be dependent upon our ability to host and convene quality conversations.
— Robert Lengel, PH.D., Director Center for Professional Excellence University of Texas at San Antonio Executive MBA Program

Shawn's philosophy in a nutshell 

 We often learn to hoard knowledge, information and expertise in order to be perceived as a leader of worth. Parodoxically this is the worst way to influence and lead others. The results are often just smoke and mirrors - metrics that do not represent true change but temporary compliance.  Shawns approach involves change from the inside out that brings results that don't diminish but increase with time.   


Shawn O'Neill Founder and Principle

Shawn O'Neill Founder and Principle

Shawn's education credentials 

MS in Global Organizational Development from Pepperdine University School of Business

B.S. in Organization Behavior from the University of San Francisco

Certificate Program: Training and Human Resource Development from UC Berkeley.

She is schooled in Lean Principles for Continuous Improvement, Leadership Coaching, and Large Scale Change.

Shawn has worked on projects with organizations in the United States, China, Brazil, Canada and Mexico.



As an experienced Organization Development practitioner and executive coach, Shawn is gifted in helping leaders challenge the status quo and do the transformative work necessary for innovation to thrive and for success to be sustained. 

Drawing on over 15 years of successful hands-on experience advising senior leaders and building executive teams, Shawn will guide you step by step through this exciting process. 






Organizations that Shawn has impacted 

  • The Boeing Co
  • The Seattle Seahawks
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Solomon Asset Management
  • Real Property Associates
  • Washington State Community Colleges: Women's Studies
  • University of Washington
  • Pepperdine University Global Affairs
  • Williams Sonoma 
  • Just Cruises and Tours
  • Shenyang General Hospital
  • YMCA
  • Resource Global Partners
  • Bethel Temple
  • Union Gospel MIssion 
  • Senior Services of Island County