In a nutshell 

Shawn helps leaders and organizations do the transformational work necessary to solve problems, drive change and transfer knowledge. Her approach is to inform, involve and inspire as she works with you on measurable results and have fun in the process.  

Services Shawn offers

Developing Leaders Worth Following: Interactive Leadership Sessions 

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders - the power it unleashes and the goodness it creates                   

The Heart of a Leader - what your MBA program forgot to mention...

Crucial Conversations- how the best of the best do it

Lean Habits of Cutting Edge Leaders 

The Power of We - building synergy when people are just going through the motions

Partnership Development and Governance Structures

Strategic Alliance Building

The How-To's of Engagement for Leaders

Leadership Collaborative 

A keystone of Shawn's work is her 12 session Leadership Collaborative :  a powerful experience for cutting edge leaders.  

Organization Consulting





Sound interesting? it is!  

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